Sunday, 11 September 2011

The best couple?

I believe I spoke a while back that I felt that my friends Clark and Bulstrode were a good couple, and a bit of other stuff about how inspirational Clark was.  Turns out they've now been split up for at least a month but they kept quiet about it not wanting to cause a scene, a decision I commend, had I seen an announcement on facebook that each of them was single I would have immediately gone into a stream of 'what the hell, what, why, how, when, who?' (They split up, people's feelings had changed, no idea, A month ago, Bulstrode). My actual reaction was to say 'you did what?', then  spend a couple of minutes working things out in my head, and ask a little bit of why? They're still friends and things are going to be alright it seems but it saddens me that this most perfect couple in my mind could split up.

I'm now going to share something with you that I have never told a living soul (at least with names mentioned, and the person I told doesn't know her), or for that matter a dead one. I like Bulstrode. Not a huge amount at the moment but I've had somewhat subdued feelings for her for about 2 years now, even if my primary focus has been on someone else, or no one in paticular. Poppy is still the primary object of my affections but that won't last, at least until I see her again, and Bulstrode is the most realistic possibility as I don't know any of the girls who sit in the corner I sit in at school (I think they're all year 12s) excapt Marie, who isn't and is in a long distance relationship which has lasted.

My sole concern aside from the obvious fact that I don't stand a chance in hell is the fact that Clark is my friend and I'm concerned about how he'd feel about all this.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

First Day

Only had the first two lessons, seem to be free till maths is sorted out. Marie, Lion, Bailey and Marsh are still here as well as no-eyes, and I saw dawson on the way home as well.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011