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AKBINGO 111130

So the opening this week is a little different, the stills are from the photo of the AKB girls in SKE uniform from last week. In order: Maeda Ami, Oya Shizuka, Fujie Reina, Matsui Sakiko, Nito Moeno, Satou Sumire, Takeuchi Miyu, Miyazaki Miho, Ichikawa Miori, Shimuda Haruka. Of the three alternate openings I’ve seen, it’s definitely the least odd (The first featured Idolling!!!, and had their own members and played one of their songs, and the title was given as Idolling!!! 0ji 59fun, the second had Miichan’s face on all of the members, and Aitakatta sung with just her vocals, you can find out why on AKB48’s youtube channel.)
This week we’re celebrating the end of 3 weeks of AKB48 vs SKE48 by playing the Time Pressure Battle Burger Shop!!! (Exclamtions added for affect) against SKE. To be fair the SKE girls are wearing a completely new maid outfit 9it’s blue, and continuing against SKE makes sense given how this show is filmed.)  Shimada questions the decoration on Sata’s head,which is to represent SKE’s new burger chain. It seems we’ve gotten rid of Chura for this which I can forgive, he didn’t add much. So we have Shachihoko vs Kiyotaki. One SKE girl delivers an insult to AKB, and Shizuka is forced into responding. It falls flat.
As we get into rule explanations, it seems they couldn’t afford a new logo, as the new one is just Boss Burger’s with Sata’s head gear thrown on. We start with the word association variation.
AKB goes first, in order: Ami, Sakiko, Miori, Moeno, Miyu and guessing the word is Shimuda. The first order is love letter, the hints given: love, heart, Miori barely gets transfer or say in, valentine, and feeling, Shimuda gives chocolate and is sprayed, she says she came to her conclusion from Miori ans Moeno’s hints, but gets it when some of the others say Kaku.
SKE’s first turn: with Rena, Sawako, Shiori, Yuria, Mizuki and guessing the order is Akane (I may have gotten a few of these ones wrong). The word is: Chunichi Dragons, the baseball team for Aichi prefecture, and the hints are: blue, ???, Koala,??? , Nagoya, and the answer guessed is ??? and she’s sprayed. An additional hint of Matsunami is given, and she gets it.
AKB again, the order is: ???, the hints, ???, showdown, red, Moeno doesn’t make it, hall, the guess from Shimuda is correct this time
Another attempt from SKE, The order is christmas. The hints, in order are: tree, present, snow, white and tree again, leading to a correct guess (I mean I got this once I’d translated the 3rd one). Mizuki tries to make an excuse that she thought Rena was referring to something else, but is subjugated to the spray along with (said white).
And so we move to the second stage with the scores 1 all. This time they have to make a model out of play dough to show what the word is. For this stage I’m going to say after all 5 have done it what I think it is, what they say, and what it is.
AKB first again: Miori, Miyu, Fujie, Myao, Shizuka and guessing is Ami. Ichikawa’s idea is noted as being NICE, and in the end I have no idea, something to do with sushi, and it sounds like Ami thinks so too, but judging by the spraying and the fact it uses the wrong characters, I’m guessing it was wrong, turns out it wasn’t ‘O sushi’ (Sushi) but kaiten sushi (with the conveyor belts).
SKE’s first turn: Akane, Masana, Rena, Kanon, Akari, guessing is Kanako. I have no idea; initially I thought it was a snowman, now it looks like some kind of alien. Kanako suggests what seems to translate as lion dance, immediately cowers in fear, and rightly so. After some hints she’s able to guess though. Actually from one angle they show it looks like an elephant.
AKB again. Looks to me like the sky. Ami thinks it’s Mt. Fuji. She’s wrong. It’s Cinderella, but so much more noticeable after Shizuka’s modification.
SKE’s turn. Looks like a giant worm near a sand dune really. The guess is correct, and hopefully by the time this is up I’ll have found out what it was. Apparently what Rena did got her sprayed.
And now we finally return to a live performance, here of Ue Kara Mariko. Fortunately featuring Mariko.
We end with Rena’s spraying again (she is the highest profile member there, she was 10th in the AKB election I believe) and Sakiko declaring victory. In English. 
With thanks to Smilodon of HJU for filling in some of the blanks

SKE48 Magical Radio 11/11/19

This is an SKE show; I may only do this episode though.
It has Rena, Jurina and some other girl, who seem to be working with these two men (on the titular radio show?). One, seemingly the producer comes in either mentioning something to do with costs or something being stolen, or both, prompting Rena to hide her magazine, another girl to hide a tiara she’s got, and Jurina to make a feeble attempt to hide the two large teddy bears she has. Rena gives some monologue, possibly as an alibi, which I think involved someone dying or being in serious danger, before the other man interrupts. The same guy finds a box somewhere, and has Akane open it; she gets all panicky before opening it to reveal … absolutely nothing. He then has Rena pen the fridge, finding what I guess is a photo of the producer in school (I think the other guys the DJ), so he just leaves. The DJ then finds a large brown urn, which he volunteers Jurina to open. There’s a button with a ‘?’ on it and Jurina has to press it. Pressing it twice causes a monster to just burst out of boxes behind them, they all just run in terror but it simply leaves out the door.
A bit later, they talk when Akane says something I think was meant to sound suspicious. The producer accuses her and she leaves. Rena and Jurina argue for her, the producer says they should wait and see.
A bit later the other 4 are talking, when a young girl comes in, and introduces herself as Akane’s sister, Shironee. She has something for Akane, but the producer says Akane stole from them, Akane walks in, and her sister gives her the envelope and says something about pinball. The sister then tells some story, and then Rena and Jurina ask Akane for the truth. Just then another girl walks in, apparently another sister, Kuronee. Akanee is starting to lead them away when Aoinee shows up, the DJ pointing out how unlikely this is, and then all 3 of them try to hug Akane. The sisters then try to stand up for Akane. The sad story begins to bring the DJ to tears, and then Jurina all of a sudden begins spouting wisdoms, before turning into Sherlock Holmes to give some deduction, talking about the producer, then the DJ, and then Kanon just shows up behind the mixing desk, and I think he winds up with the producer being responsible. He then gives some form of explanation, runs off, and Holmes turns back into Jurina and falls unconscious.
A bit later Akane gives Shironee back the money envelope, and Akane, Jurina and Rena reconcile while Okey Dokey starts playing. The DJ tries to get in on the celebration, but only gets knocked over as the other girls are allowed to join in.
In a dark corridor, the producer makes some kind of plea to someone via phone, but they hang up.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

16 things awesome about AKB48 Best 100 2011 Day 4

So we come to the last day, and we come to what should, in theory be the most awesome day of all, (Checks List) looks alright I guess. I do plan on doing the 2012 listing, but when I will is a bit unclear, as I have no idea when the raws will be available, as it will have to be the official DVD.
1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!: It was certainly interesting, plus it lets me get SKE into the list.
Minegishi x Yui: This was only the impression I got, but it seemed like Miichan was commenting on Yui’s appearance until Sae got in the way.
Namida Surprise: I like the song, and it will be played on my next birthday, even if it’s just me sitting alone listening on my laptop. Also, while you-know-who is obviously not present, it’s not Yui this time. Fair enough though, Yui’s filled in for her on 7 songs, though I know she is permanently in Seifuku Resistance now.
Mariko cries: during the 4th MC, Ooya Shizuka does what she claims is a Mariko impersonation, which consists of exaggerated crying. This causes fair amounts of shock, and Mariko appears on stage looking all serious (well duh, it’s Mariko) Shizuka apologises and Mariko just does the same mock crying.
Uhoo Uhoho: I missed a fair bit of this due to typing the previous summary, but it sounded nice, and Akimoto was holding a banana for the majority of the song. Just because.
The 4 Satou’s: They all have the same family name, so they obviously joke about it, kind of an interesting MC. Fun fact, until literally a few minutes before this my remembering who Amina and Sumire were wasn’t helped by the fact I thought both of them were the same girl.
RIVER: I always enjoy a bit of RIVER, the fact the style changes a bit throughout helps keep it interesting
10nen no Zakura: immediately following RIVER, same members on stage (well Yui appeared and I think Sashi left, but that’s all.) BTW I love Yui’s hat here.
Oogoe Diamond: I love this song, but as a twist rather than it’s Senbatsu it was instead performed by Old Team A, so some fair differences from the normal version.
Enkyori Poster: So I’m guessing Team YJ (mentioned last post) lost the competition to promote photospreads, as Team PB was evidently more popular, initially promoting a spread in Weekly Playboy (no not that Playboy you pervs).
Iiwake Maybe: It’s certainly my least favourite of the election single right now, but still enjoyable, and of course we have Aki in someone’s place
Ponytail to Shushu: We start the top 3 with a bang, as balloons fall from the ceiling before the singing even starts. You’d think they’d leave something like that for no.1, oh well. Also in the week or so since I started this series, it’s actually grown on me a bit. Also we have Sashihara on substitute duty.
Beginner: You know what my greatest regret about Beginner is? I only saw the original PV once. Also for the first time in the event, the cry out seems to be of disappointment, I’m guessing of a desire for it to be no. 1
Heavy Rotation: 1: I don’t think I need to explain this, 2: Yui, because you know, 3: Because ½ these girls have been in 4 songs in a row now, 4: Heavy Rotation and 5: everyone else who wasn’t Senbetsu (or filling in for Erena) dancing at the back.
Before I look at the last points I feel I should probably mention my treatment of Ono Erena during this summary. I have no idea why I kept on pointing out everytime she was replaced, the first time was probably enough. I have nothing by respect for her, and she’s a beautiful young lady who’s only slightly younger than me. I hope next year, given her recent announcement of returning to the public eye, she might appear at the best 100 as a graduate member, I could use someone beside Mai to recognise.
Guuzen no Juujiro: I’ll be honest, when I went into the encores, looking at the list I thought, this’ll be a short list, but the DIVA song was fun, but not worth putting here. This however was, it’s the Under single for the then not yet released Sakura no Ki ni Narou, and from what I remember of that song (I’ll be refreshed in a minute) this is better, plus it features such notables as Yui, Myao, and Yagami Kumi, who plays dance in Majijo (I felt sorry for the girl, I really did).
Majisuka Rock n Roll: naturally, it’s a MajiJo song. Also, even if just dancing, we did have every named in the show character portrayed by an AKB family member save for Daruma and, well, Ono Erena.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Megamax: It keeps being awesome.

So if your a Kamen Rider fan like me, you'll no doubt be awaiting the second 40th aniversary celebration film, coming out on december 10th, OOO x Fourze Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Movie Taisen MEGAMAX.

We currently have a fair idea of the plot for the thing, but still a lot of things aren't exactly clear to us, and as more things are revealed, more mysteries also emerge. For example how has Kougami, 40 years into the future, created those 3 Core Medals? Did the vast number of items he has related to their creation reveal the secret to their creation? How does Ankh regain his body, rather than just being a spectral arm following Eiji around? How are the first 5 sets of Core Medals around for Eiji to use? Whats up with those Rider Core Medals, and those Legend Rider switches? Will Eiji and Gentarou use them? Does this allow me more leeway in my Fanfic universe I'm working on, given I was going to do something with the Rider Medals anyway? Is Nadeshiko from the future? How was Aqua created? Will Minato be uncorrupted over the course of the film? How does the reviving of enemies using those meteorites work?

Regardless though, this movie looks set to be awesom, what with the reemergence of Foundation X, a new female Rider (please don't die, they've had a good track record since Kiva), Shotaro, Phillip, the first 7 Riders, and so much more.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Awesome things about AKB48 Best 100 Day 3

Boku Dake no Value: So I’m guessing the only reason the Under Girls are Unders is because they’re not pushed into the limelight as much, they seem to be pretty much as good as the front girls. I mean if they were at the front more I’d be able to name more than one Team 4 girl.
Michael Jackson: I think that’s whose moves Nayo was imitating anyway, followed by an attempt by Moeno.
Lucky Seven: It’s a nice song, I like it.
Aitakatta: As performed by NMB48. You’ve got to hand it to Akimoto, he knows what’s going to help popularity, like having the first stage for Team S be an effective recreation of Team A’s first, or having Team N, who have only been performing for about 2 weeks at this point, sing the song of AKB48. I’m sure he’ll have Team H sing it at the 2012 best 100 as well if it gets in 9and let’s face it, it will).
MARIA: It was interesting, not gonna lie.
Majijo Teppen Blues: now I’m quite certain I saw Yui in there at one point, which kind of makes sense, given you-know-who had line in this song. Incidentally, I love this song, but it’s my least favourite of the 3 Majijo songs (even if this one does feature the awesome that is Daruma).
Seifuku Resistance: nice song, and my current and former oshimen in one place. Yes please.
Nachu: Oh joy, Nachu. Why Akimoto-Sensei, why must you do this to me? Okay, huhshe’s still dressed as Daruma. Makes sense I guess, she isn’t listed for any other performances. Oh now, she’s introducing herself in character. She does the rest as Nachu, I’ll be honest, but as Nachu she managed to change my entire non-Daruma related opinion of her. I’d just gotten the impression she was really annoying from the one AKBINGO appearance I remember her making. She’s doing the MC with Satou Yukari, but I have to focus on Nachu here, I really do. She has a large pad of paper with a few phrases written in Yankee style on them, I think the first had something to do with Acchan, and the second one involved the number 72. The third sheet was about Takamina, and led to her doing a pretty good impression of her. And the last sheet just announced no 35 in the best 100.
Choose Me: a song that the members of Team YJ initially sang to entice fans to by the issue of Young Jump featuring them over, well we’ll get to that in a bit.

Bimyo 09

Bimyo reviews, now coming possibly only 5 hours after broadcast.

Sketch one starts witha dog, a pheasant and a monkey, and Momotarou comes in, saying 'let's go,' the animals just stand there. She tries to get them to go, offering them something, but they continue to refuse. They continue arguing, and Momotarou's grandfather comes in. Ojiichan is able to easily motivate them with a few words. however Momotarou's arguments against the suggestion made results in more arguing. Ojiichan has each of them in turn give a little introduction, which Momotarou protests against. Ojiichan declares the monkey to be in 4th place, however in third is Momotarou, who argues a gainst it, but Ojiichan decides that the centre/leader of the group will be the pheasant.

Woman in shop announces sale, leading to an onslaught of women, she adds fuel to the fire by mentioning prices are as low as 200 yen. The fighting got pretty intense as I was typing that last sentence,  and now she's just going ganbare to any which one. She then throws 2 bags for only 50 yen into the fire (seriously , 50?). She throws an AKB jacket in (Sashi's from Majijo?) but the women who catches it just throws it away. And now we have the 1 yen leggings. She finally throws in what might be a free jacket, but they're all to injured and exhausted to fight now. Another women just walks through, picking up off the floor what she wants, and the saleswomen just salutes her skill.

We're at a cafe, and Rie and Ami come inside, apparently it's raining outside. Ayaka come through with a raincoat and hat, and welcomes them. She shows them to a table, and they say something about an engine. Ayaka calls for their order, and as Rie makes a comment she sees Ayaka miming to Ami, who seems a little wierded out, but she eventually moves the glasses she's wearing briefly. Ayaka calls for food again, before doing something to Rie's shoe, and then tells someone offscreen it's okay. Ami asks for a toilet, and Ayaka gives some instructions which I think include the 246th turning on the right. Rie asks for an Ice coffee, which Ayaka calls to the back for. A petrol pump suddely comes down from the roof, and Ayaka pumps whatever was in it directly into Rie's mouth. They decide to leave, and are given a 3600 yen bill, which they refuse to pay. Ayaka moves apparently to block soething which isn't there as they leave.

A mother leaves her young baby in the hands of a babysitter while she's at work, the babysitter suggests something to do but the baby says something quite rude about it. The baby eventually gets her to fetch a pacifier, which it sticks in his mouth and then comments on the flavour or something. The two talk about stuff, and  ithink the baby mentioned plans fro world domination. They argue a bit, and then the babysitter goes to fetch something, knocking over a vase by accident, which was apparently the childs grandfathers. The baby agrees to help in exchange for what I think was a drink of alcohol. The baby says it can still get her in trouble or something like that, and pats her on the ass. It then pulls her over the pram briefly, she gets up just as the mother returns.

We seem to be in the dressing room for an idol group called Cat's Eye. The three members discuss what might have been a manga, and then start to do an intro pose and roll call before Kasai interrupts. She has some issue, so instead girl who's name I should really learn does some wierd thing on her own before girl who I swear I haven't seen ever before interrupts that. They have an idea for something to do with paper bags, Kasai puts some bread in her bad and does an intro, which apparently oozes cuteness (ironically, Kasai normally oozes sexiness), the other girls then take the bread. They then do their new intro, starting with bonjour. They're happy with their result, and walk off all sexy like.

Two schoolgirls sit together, and one of them admires the other's phone. Yui comes in (YAAAY, YUI-SAMA), ahem, and asks what's going on. She reveals her own phone, which seems to have bugs glued to it. As she refers to it cutely, eventuall one of the others just hits her on the head with a slipper. She then offers a bug, possibly to eat.

Two sisters care for their ailing motherm and mention someones sister coming. They're brother comes in reporting trouble, but after an argument he opens something, causing the girls to jump him. After more arguments he leaves, leavign one of the girls crying. The mother and sister comfort her, and then they do some things together, when the brother returns. says something ending in a heart, leding the mother to seemingly have a heart attack.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

AKBINGO 111123

Continuing with the Kizuna battle between AKB and SKE, I'm not going to remind you whos involved.

We start with a put-down session started by Myao, the SKE girls she directs her criticism to then delivering her own to her, while confirming that 3 times 7 is in fact 21. Also 6 times 7 is 44. When this is called out on she decide its 49.

The first round this week, and 4th overall has two teams of 3 against a black wall, starting with them in a sitting position against it. A burst of smoke is launched from a box, as demonstrated by a certain admins' avatar featuring Yukirin. Kyoto is using  abox pointing at SKE and Chura has a box pointed at AKB. The first burst does little except cause irritation, but as Sata goes to point somethign out the middle SKE girl falls to the floor. After the seconf burst Sata tells them they now have to be only 10cm off the ground, however before the next burst is fired Myao slips to the ground. Sata has them adjust their heights again, but this causes another SKE girl to slip. They're about to fire again when the last SKE girl slips winning the game for AKB. The ranking is now 2:1 to AKB.

Sata announces the LAST BATTLE, which is a skipping competition I know I've seen before in early days, but then it was the AKB teams against eachother. Basically each team has to skip together over the skipping rope. SKE has their first go, reaching the impressive result of 60. AKB easily smash their training record of 20, and manage to beat SKE's score by just 1 jump. Befoe SKE's second challenge Rena gives the others a bit of encouragement. Not only do they reach 62, they go up another 40 to 102. AKB has their next go, without Myao for some reason ,and again make it by just one jump, hitting 103.

So AKB have one with 3 wins to 1, and we're given a shot of the AKB girls in SKE's uniform.

AKB News this weeks starts by telling us again about French Kiss's 4th single, followed by revealing the selected members of HKT48. Something is said about a new single from Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, which we're then treated to the music video to. Okay seriously how many AKB related singles are being released at the moment?We've had a music video every one of the last 4 weeks.

Looks like next week we're getting a return of the burger game, but with SKe still around in a new blue outfit. Can we at least get some new AKB girls in?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

11 things awesome about AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100: Day 2

Yui x Megumi: during the first MC of the day Megumi gets a little touchy-feely on Yui, who seems a little uncomfortable, which is probably why Kayo and Rina pushed Megumi away from her. I think Megumi may have been a little envious, what with Yui being maybe 10 years younger than her. Actually this sounds a lot like the MV to Megumi’s solo single (the envy, not the groping).
Yasai Sisters: The outfits. That is all.
Mendol: Taking to the stage to perform their 3 Seconds, I guess the male Idol Group Persona is there as special guests or something. Can’t help but think they’d go well with the members of no3b though.
Namida no See-saw Game: Hey, it’s good to give the undergirls some limelight.
GAGAGA: Hey we had to see SDN perform sometime; complete with suggestive dance moves and having Kayo and Megumi in something that isn’t Old Team K. Also I swear Megumi’s voice wold be perfect for a Toku villainess.
Baby! Baby! Baby!: I just like the song if I’m honest.
Majisuka Rock ‘n’ Roll: I don’t think I need to go on. I also won’t, as this will be talked about quite soon.
No3b: So yeah, it was fortunately, Relax was more popular, also I feel its advice useful, as I worry about broken self-imposed deadlines, like the one to get this up during Tuesday. As I type this it’s 10 minutes into Wednesday my time. I’ve still 20 minutes of the Best to watch, plus the 10 minutes of encore. Also the MC after has them going into a few of their songs and other things without the music.
Dear J: The first encore and my former favourite song, so I kind of have to give it credit, sung by my former oshimen, Tomochin
Shuumatsu Not Yet: So turns out I like this song more than I thought I did, also Yui. Also this may well be the first ever performance by Not Yet, so props for that as well.
Heavy Rotation: Two things: 1, its Heavy Rotation, 2, it’s an all performance.

AKB49 Chapter 1

Now if you came here by the only place I link to here from, you’ll have both seen me insanely rage about the fact I’ll do this, and guessed what I’m on about.
AKB49 is the first manga about AKB48. But why is it called AKB49 you ask? Well no, you don’t actually, cause your either not reading this or you know, but we’ll get to that in approximately right now.
The manga starts in colour for a couple of pages starting with how in 20XX AKB outsold the Beatles. OK let me stop you right there. The Beatles, the greatest selling musical act of all time, was outsold by a bunch of Japanese teenagers. Bear in mind that this was written before every single was selling a million units in the first week. But apparently they became the most popular act in the world, and then ask if we know about the one who propelled the group to superstardom, the legendary 49th member. Isn’t AKB (and I mean just AKB, and not Kenkyuusei either) already on about 60 members? Ah well. Well this is apparently that story anyway. Our last full colour page is a picture in a magazine, probably Young Jump, or Young Animal, or Weekly playboy, of Mariko, Mayuyu, Tomochin, Acchan,  Takamina, Kojiharu and Asasube Ryo? on a beach as part of a gravure spread, while a bunch of boys discuss which is their favourite member. We’re also introduced to our protagonist, Uramaya Minoru, a boy in their class who doesn’t care for AKB. When one of the boys comments on how Maeda doesn’t deserve to be in AKB cause of how people noticed she didn’t seem to be making as much effort in performances, so apparently her popularity plummeted (so I’m guessing in this version Aki-P didn’t decide to put Maeda in Chance no Junban in this timeline then? Although if this is around Heavy Rotation time he probably did) this causes a girl, Yoshinaga Hiroko, to rage angrily at them because Maeda is the greatest musician in the world in her eyes, which becomes important later. One of the boys says Minoru is probably stalking Yoshinaga, which he denies. We then see him in a bush, looking in a dictionary for the definition of stalker. After deciding he doesn’t shove coals (it’s a pronunciation joke, stoker and stalker are pronounced the same) he starts following Yoshinaga, winding up at an AKB concert. He sees her briefly, and happening to find a ticket (behind the scenes) on the floor shows it to the bouncer, who points him through a door. He tries to find his way to the theatre; he pushes through a door, and….
He sees AKB48 in the dressing room. They’re in their underwear. You can definitely recognise Takamina, Sae, Sayaka, Minegishi, I think the one groping the other is Myao and Erena and Yukirin. Takamina screams out ‘PERVERRRT’ causing the security people to jump out into the corridor and fail completely to do their jobs. Realising that Yoshinaga will hate him if he’s caught peeping in the dressing rooms of one of Japan’s most high profile girl groups, he runs out, wailking ito Nyan Nyan asking for hair products, winding up with his face pressing into her bust, with several of the girls in pursuit. He accidentally knocks over Mayu coming in the other direction, creating a near perfect angle up her skirt, as one girl comments, and as he picks himself up he’s grabbed from behind. It’s Yuko, she’s mistaken him for Sae, groping his chest, realising it’s not because his chest is flatter than Sae’s. He runs away, and as Tomochin is coming from the other direction the girls call her to stop the pervert. Tomochin asks if he wants to see hers as well, slowly pulling her skirt up to reveal: black shorts, she was joking he falls to the floor, with relief, and as he picks himself up he accidentally sticks his head up Mariko’s skirt. She doesn’t look happy, and the girls are shocked he was this determined to see their underwear. He runs away again, past Acchan as Yuko and Tomochin comment he was kind of cute, and the girls stop chasing after Acchan asks what they’re doing.  This guy is either the luckiest guy alive or something I don’t know what. He finds the theatre, and meets Yoshinaga who tells him she wants to audition for AKB, she says she’d already tried once but had lost confidence to talk about her favourite member.
Minoru dresses up as a girl, Uchikawa Minori, to sneak into the audition for the express purpose of helping Yoshinaga pass the audition. We see Akimoto Yasushi arrive at the theatre to watch the audition, asking if any of the girls auditioning are wearing black. Maeda also shows up to watch the auditions. Yoshinaga performs well in the singing, but loses confidence to talk about her favourite member. Minori goes next, and also does alright, before being asked to talk about her favourite member. ‘She says ‘her’ favourite member is anyone but Acchan, because she doesn’t work hard, inspiring the reaction he intended as Yoshinaga shows support for Maeda. After the audition, Yoshinaga is told she’s made it, but warned against speaking out like that in future, before the guy announcing those who’s made it’s told something, and says Minori’s also made it. She congratulates Yoshinaga, who is cold to her due to her treatment of Maeda earlier. Still as Minori he walks home, but sees Maeda, who makes some comment on her smell, how she holds her body, and her voice. Akimoto is asked why he let Minori in, and he comments a true star can shine in the darkness or something.

Well this chapter fairly much establishes our main characters, and gives a hint to what our AKB girs are like, so looking good so far.