Tuesday, 13 December 2011

24 days of singles day 13: Iiwake Maybe and Tobenai Agehachou

I'll do this one slightly differently due to it's nauture. I will point out for the first time the B-side has a musci video, which I will cover. This also marks the first use of the Undergirls unit, which is made of a number of girls who aren't in the Senbatsu, this has lead to Theatre Girls being used to refer to all the girls who aren't Senbatsu or Undergirls. However most notably, this is the first 'Senbatsu Election' single, where fans who bought Namida Surprise were able to vote for which member they wanted to be in the next single. The top 21 made Senbatsu, and 22 to 30 were the first Undergirls.

I'm covering the Undergirls track first here so I can tally up the positions.
So, from 30 to 22, the Undergirls: Matsubara Natsumi (K), Matsui Rena (S), Katayama Haruka (B), Sashihara Rino (B), Hirajima Natsumi (B), Masuda Yuka (K), Ohori Megumi (K), Takajo Aki (A), Yonezawa Rumi (B).

The song itself is about falling in love, but this just leads to despair over the person, and insisting it's love rather than lust. However love has set them free from the chrysalis. The MV is interesting, even though it's just the girls dancing in an old abandoned warehouse, but fairly enjoyable nonetheless.

And now, from 21 to 1, Senbatsu: Kuramochi Asuka (K), Oota Aika (B), Matsui Jurina (S), Miyazaki Miho (A), Urano Kazumi (B), Minegishi Minami (A), Sato Yukari (A), Miyazawa Sae (K), Kitahara Rie (A), Akimoto Sayaka (K), Ono Erena (K), Kasai Tomomi (K), Kashiwagi Yuki (B), Sato Amina (A), Itano Tomomi (A), Kojima Haruan (A), Takahashi Minami (A), Watanabe Mayu (B), Shinoda Mariko (A), Oshima Yuko (K), Maeda Atsuko (A).

Iiwake Maybe is about biking , an thinking how they started to worry about someone when they couldn't see them over summer, and realising that it's love, despite initially making excuses.
The MV starts before the music with Yuko yelling at Maeda about something while Takahashi tries to stop her, before the two get into a fight, with Sayaka and Sae trying to stop it. According to Yuki, Mayu and Aika it has something to do with Maeda playing baseball. A familiar teacher walks past Maeda, who's sat down, before she sees the fight. She sends all of the girls on a bike ride as punisment. The dance scenes are all them in uniform (not the ones in the school mind) dancing at the school, but I'll talk about the race. Mayu takes a lead on her two friends, Yuko's ahead of Maeda and Takahashi, a number of the girls overtake Haruna, and Mariko stops to put on her sunglasses, before just zooming past some of them. Maeda starts to draw ahead of Yuko, but it's still fierce for a while. Maeda stops noticing Takahashi's fallen, and goes to help her, Yuko initially taking the lead from this before looking behind then turning round. We cut forward and Maeda stops just before the line, she's joined here by Yuko, Takahashi, Sae and Mariko, soon most of the girls are there, when the last 3 girls come along, and the first of thm, Sayaka just races over the line, to the rest of thems dissapointent.

Well it's late. 11 pm for me. I had issues earlier, but they've gone it seems. See you tomorrow, hopefully earlier.

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