Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle 111204

This is a variety show featuring the members of Not Yet, but interestingly is hosted through Skype, with the MC in a studio, and the 4 girls all being in different places. I'm not sure if it's meant to be broadcast live or anything, but there doesn't seem to be any cuts made.

I've watched the first 2 after watching this, but don't expect this as a regular feature, even if I continue to watch it. Similarly I will not be reviewing anymore of SKE magical radio, as Smilodon actually knows what he's talking about.

The girls and the MC talk between games as well, though this isn't anything I can talk about. I'm not sure where Yui and Yuko are, possibly both at work in different places. Kitahara is at a sushi restaurant, and Sashihara is at the AKB cafe, ehich I believe is in the same building as the theatre and the shop. Also I guess some of the members serve you there, or maybe I'm just confused.

The first event seems to be to answer a question from Kitahara, which is to guess what food she's eating at the restaurant. The other 3 write down their answers, but the answer is salmon, and none of them get it.

The second event is to make a Zou out of clay (Elephanto as Yuko correctly translates). In my honest opinion, and you can tell it's honest because the answer isn't Yui, Sashihara's was the best, followed by Yui's lest detailed one. Kitahara's was an image of it's face and was alright, and Yuko's was several colours, and split into 3 parts. The girls vote for the best, and it's a tie between Sashihara and Yui.

The last event is specifically for Yui, in celebration of her 4 day away birthday. She takes out a cake (Gyudon cake, Gyudon is a beef dish) and puts a '1' and a '9' candles in it, as she's 19. Her challenge is to blow out the candles by blowing through her nostrils (Yuko had to do this in episode 2 for her 23rd birthday), after they sing Happy Birthday, rather out of time with each other. She puts in quite the effort, but eventually gives in and blows them out normally. Yuko did better I admit, blowing them all out in seconds, and she actually had 23 candles (I think she was worried the cke would set alight though). We also get a bit of Perepera Perao at the end (my favorite Not Yet song).

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