Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle 111211

So I decided to keep doing this one, I'll also say now that Shukan summaries will depend entirely on whether or not I understand what the hell is going on.

I'm just gonna say now that I love the trilby look all of the girls have on the standby screens.

Yuko's in a shop in Akihabara, Yui's in some cafe, Kitarie's in a cat chop it seems and Sasshi is in the AKBCafe again, I think she's trying to complete some AKB card collection, and points out that Yuko's card's a shiny (Is that still used for rare cards anymore? Or was that just pokemon). The MC notes how many of the gold coins everyone's won so far: Yuko has 5, Yui 1, Kitahara 0 or 1, I think he got her wrong, and Sashihara has 2.

While the MC's explaining the first challenge someone at the cafe comes and takes one of Sasshi's earpieces and the MC asks him some questions before he goes. Before we get much further Sasshi has to bring in the girl serving her as well. After she goes off to do part of her job, we see Sasshi's food, which is interesting, it has a heart in the middle. Apparently it's delicious. We continue talking, and at some point it turns to the subject of spoons. Not sure how. We then get the guy from earlier brough in. Actually I think the guy initially came in to talk about the dish Sasshi would be eating. Yui either says she can guess what's in the dish, or suggest one.

We get back from the break to Yuko sorting her hair out, after wards Kitarie's laptop get's attacked by a cat and her picture freezes. She goes offline, but answers when they call back. We finally get to an identifiable challenge, with the girls pulling out their paper pads, and have to do something to do with 'sentokun' but I can't work out what that is. The girls set about drawing and while they're drawing he briefly flashes a picture of what I guess is sentokun (Is kun often used in mascots then?). He does it again for a bit longer just after Kitarie looks down again. Yuko finishes first, and starts eating her sushi? while the others still work as the Sentokun image comes up briefly. I think Yuko sees it the next time as she's offering sushi to the camera. While we're focused on her Yui and Sasshi have finished, and Rie finishes moments after.

Yui's drawing looks like an bald man in a kimono with a jewel on his forehead and antlers on the top. Sasshi has a bald head with antlers and the jewel, but has only drawn a hand otherwise. Kitahara's has the basic head deatails, but Anime eyes, no jewel, a necklace and shorts rather than a kimono and some hiragana written next to him. Yuko's has buddha ears sort of, and has a sash I guess on but no shirt. The MC then shows the image of Sentokun he has. We get to the voting, and Sasshi wins by 2 votes, Yuko gets none.

The MC says something, then walks off, the camera following him. He brings us to a man and a woman, the man looks like a restaurant chef. The MC has some kind of quiz on the guy, the first question has Sasshi giving a wron guess but Yui's is right. Apparently the MC is now in the FUTURE Seven Cafe, conveniently located right next to the studio. The MC is given some food, and makes kind of a mess in the eating. We get another question which seems to be about what time you should eat the food he's eating,

Before we get the answer though we get some of Pera Pera Perao. You know whats really annoying. You can't find the full version of that anywhere. The MC is seen to be shovelling the food in. The answer is apprently 28, which I guess means 4 in the morning, but Yuko wins with her answer of 18.

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