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24 days of singles day 22: Flying Get and Dakishimechaikenai

Because things'll be a little complicated with this Senbatsu single, I'm going to go backwards.

The Theatre Edition B-Side is Yasai Urenai. This song is in effect a continuation of the advertising campaign that was Yasai Sisters. However this time there isn't a new PV, though new costumes were made, even though anyone already involved had the same vegetable. There were new adverts of the girls driking the juice as well.
Team A: Oota Aika, Kuramochi Asuka, Kojima Haruna, Sashihara Rino, Shinoda Mariko, Takajo Aki, Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Maeda Ami
Team K: Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi, Oshima Yuko, Nito Moeno, Miyazawa Sae, Minegishi Minami, Yokoyama Yui
Team B: Kasai Tomomi, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie, Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, Miyazaki Miho, Watanabe Mayu
Team S: Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena
Team KII: Takayanagi Akane, Mukaida Manatsu
Team E: Kimoto Kanon
Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki
The song talks about how everyone is like a vegetable, and working out which one you are.

The B-type B-side is Ice no Kuchizuke, created as part of an advertising campaign for Ice no Mi candy
Team A: Shinoda Mariko, Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko
Team K: Itano Tomomi, Oshima Yuko
Team B: Watanabe Mayu
Team Kenkyuusei: Eguchi Aimi
 The song is about love, but a major recurring element is whoever it is not singing having 'ice cream kisses'. We start with Yuko, Takamina, Mariko, Mayuyu and Tomochin together eating, we get a close up of a photo of all the girls in the single in the singles' costume. Aacchan arrives late, and Yuko asks about the handkerchief she's holding. In a falshback Acchan's recording a commercial or a scene, and takes a break to rest her head, an arm leaves the handkerchief next to her on the windowsill. This causes Yuko to remember her doing dance practice, we see someone leve her a towel, a piece of paper and some water while her back is turned, and it turns out to be Aacchan. Yuko takes a break and sees the paper. Mariko is learning some lines from the looks of things, While she's stood up Yuko leaves her a bundle on the bench, Mariko sees the bundle and picks a note out of it. Tomochin's listening to music on the roof when her phone goes off so she checks the mail. Mayuyu is asleep on a sofa in the costume, Tomochin comes in and leves her a cuddly lamb, Mayu awakes and sees the lamb. Mayu enters the dressing room and leaves a box in front of a mirror, afterwards Takamina and her stylist come in, and Takamina notices the box as she sits down. The girls all talk about this, and we see the handkerchief has 'Aimi' sewm into it, and Maeda actually turned around to see a blurred figure walking away. Yuko looks at the note, which Aacchan signed. Mariko's note has a drawing of the food Yuko's made her. Tomochin's mail is some words from Mariko. Mayuyu's lamb has a note from Tomo attached. Takamina's box has a note from Mayu and a new ribbon. Just then in the present a figure enters with a cake.

OK, so why is this Eguchi Aimi in this? Well she auditioned for NMB's 2nd generation, but Aki-P decided she was the perfect AKB girl, and made the 16 year old 12.5th generation. She then became the centre girl for the Ice no Mi campaign. And yet she only appears blurred in the PV. Well here's a secret so secret it was reported worldwide, at least on newspapers' websites. She's not real. Yes I know you bought the issue of whatever magazine it was she did a photo shoot for, but she's still a digital combination of the others in this single. But what about the live performance she made? that was 12th generation memeber Sasaki Yukari, who provided Aimi's voice.

The A-type B-side is Seishun to Kizukanai Mama. This is the 4th and my least favorite Majijo track.
Team A: Oota Aika/Lovetan, Kuramochi Asuka/Kokabuki, Kojima Haruna/Torigoya, Sashihara Rino/Wota, Shinoda Mariko/Sado, Takajo Aki/Akicha, Takahashi Minami/Keibuho, Meada Atsuko, Maeda Ami/Mayuge
Team K: Akimoto Sayaka/Chokoku, Itano Tomomi/Shibuya, Oshima Yuko, Kikuchi Ayaka/Comeback, Nito Moeno/Bungee, Minegishi Minami/Shaku, Miyazawa Sae/Gakuran, Yokoyama Yui/Otabe
Team B: Kasai Tomomi/Ookabuki, Kashiwagi Yuki/Black, Kitahara Rie/Unagi, Komori Mika/Mukuchi, Sato Sumire/Sanshoku, Miyazaki Miho/Myao, Watanabe Mayu/Nezumi
Team 4: Oba Mina/Toshima, Shimazaki Haruka/Kanburi, Shimada Haruka/Docchi, Nagao Mariya/Mariyagi, Yamauchi Suzuran/Tsuri, Ichikawa Miori/Lemon
Team S: Matsui Jurina/Centre, Matsui Rena/Gekikara
The song talks about not appreciating youth until it's gone and your stuck with barely anything. The PV starts with shots of Nezumi lying in the empty swimming pool, and of Centre on the roof of Majijo. We get some stuff of Maeda looking sad, but a lot is also just footage from the show. We do get Shibuya looking sad as well, and Dance sat outside the room wondering about her boss. Theres also some behind the scenes footage.

We now move to the Undergirls track, as appointed by votes, so from 40 to 22:
Undergirls: Fujie Reina (K), Ichikawa Miori (4), Matsui Sakiko (K), Maeda Ami (A), Suda Akari (S), Oba Mina (4), Sato Sumire (B), Hata Sawako (KII), Komori Mika (B), Nito Moeno (K), Oya Masana (S), Oya Shizuka (A), Yamamoto Sayaka (N), Miyazaki Miho (B), Hirajima Natsumi (B), Oota Aika (A), Nakagawa Haruka (A), Takayanagi Akane (KII), Umeda Ayaka (K)
The song so far as I can tell is about going your seperate ways and holding back your love due to this. The PV was apparently filmed in a single continuous shot. We start with Ume-chan walking on screen with and announcing the start. We start with her, Akane and Haruka singing together while Myao walks in front with a bike. A bit more focus on them before turning to Myao, Lovetan and Natsumi. We turn to 3 more includin Shizuka, then Moeno, Mika and Sawako. The next 3 are sat in a group, and the last 4 are all stood together. We then see the first 3 through a curtain, which opens to reveal all of them in cheerleader outfits for the dance. We then take a look at the groups from earlier again, before having another dance segent in different costumes. After everyone else runs off shot Ume-cahn takes a moment before runnign over to a board with the song details, and everyone pulls party poppers.

The Senbatsu song for this release is honestly my favorite song. Only the dance version is up on AKB48's channel, but then I love the danae, I've learnt the dance to the short version, and the lyrics as well.
From 21 to 1, Senbatsu: Kuramochi Asuka (A), Masuda Yuka (B), Yokoyama Yui (K), Sato Amina (B), Akimoto Sayaka (K), Kasai Tomomi (B), Minegishi Minami (K), Matsui Jurina (S), Kitahara Rie (B), Takajo Aki (A), Miyazawa Sae (K), Matsui Rena (S), Sashihara Rino (A), Itano Tomomi (K), Takahashi Minami (A), Kojima Haruna (A), Watanabe Mayu (B), Shinoda Mariko (A), Kashiwagi Yuki (B), Oshima Yuko (K), Maeda Atsuko (A).
The song is about getting a 'Flying Get' of somebodies love. (Flying Get means to purchase something, like a CD, before the official release date, though legally.) The PV is a full 18 minutes, so I'll have to talk about that after the jump.

The PV starts with us watching a shadowy figure practicing with the sword, while also showing us a large room, we look towards the corner that, if looking towards the portrait on one wall, is on the left. We see that those there are eating, amongst them is Yuko, Yukirin, Mariko, Mayuyu and Kojipa. The shadowy figure stops and we see a tattoo '001' on their arm, which glows briefly. We then look exclusively at the girls as they talk, includig saying something about Marie Antoinette's famous quote, and these girls have some fairly lavish foods. The talk a bit more, before Yuko says something, which the others all question. She explains, but then goes on eating, after a moment the others do too.

We then go to a darkly lit area, where some old men are being forced to work by younger men in masks, who have a collection of weapons. They clearly don't treat the elder men well, and the younger men do some pretty intense training. We get to see the leader, and it seems all the masked men are part of a group with Ox tattos on them which glow. As the leader gives some motivational talk a voice comes from the darkness. It belongs to a mysterious figure.

We now move to the 5 girls to the right of the portrait. Takamina, Tomochin, Sasshi, Rena and Sae. They talk about the jewellery there, and after Sae and Tomochin say something cryptic Takamina demonstrates her tiaras ability to glow. They keep talking more about the whats going on, and Takamina's eye glows before they look at the girls the other side of the painting. After a bit more they raise their jewellery up.

The shadowy figure reveals that he can help them find the girls, first revealing they're in Tokyo, specifically Akihabara, before hitting the head of the weird Ox statue thing they have there.

At the other end of the room, on the same side as the first 5 girls, we look at the girls there. Rather than sitting like the other 2 groups we've seen, these girls kneel at the table, and have plainer looking food. Here we have Akicha, Jurina, Chiyuu~, Miichan and Kitarie. They also discuss the goings on. Jurina makes some comment about the girls at the top of the room. After a bit more discussion Jurina says a little more cryptic stuff. After Miichan says something to make herself sparkle the girls all dive in to the food.

The evil masked gang runs down the road.

We're in the last corner now, and the girls here don't even have a table to eat from, instead it's on the floor next to them. Kneeking here are: Sayaka, Amina, Yui, Mochi and Yuka. They talk together as well.

Boom!!! The evil guys burst into the room, as the girls who've been stood silinetly in each corner now move, and immediately head to the rooms centre. Interstingly these 4 girls also have masks and altered voices. They're made a quick job of though. Yuko has them go again, but they're easily defeated. The masked guys point to each corner of the room, and the girls rise. Yuko gives some threat. And now the music starts.

The dance version has them in these nice gold outfits, but thats not what we're here for. We start the story sections of the whole MV with the girls in red battle outfits posing, notably though Yuko's is purple. After everyone's eyes glow Yuko leads them into battle. We get some focus on each of them, with their number showing on screen as well. However the bottom 5 are soon out, followed by the next 5 despite their using spears. 7-11 go in with the metal things I should probably know the names of. They too are defeated. 6 through 2 finally go in with swords. Eventually only Yuko is left, but even with her sword sparkling she loses. She then notices the girls are taking down the portrait.

The girl from the beginning comes out, wearing a white battle outfit, it's Maeda. Yuko manages to break free. Maeda tears through the mooks, apparently killing them as the girls cheer. She demands of the leader how they found them, and he looks toward the mysterious figure. She removes her disguise, and... It's Yuko.

The two fight, even flying through the air, but it ends with Aacchan's sword to Yuko's throat.

Acchan lowers her sword and Yuko smudges out her tattoo and walks toward the exit, before Maeda drops her sword. She runs in front of Yuko, and offers her hand. Even Yuko's asking why. Maeda gives some explantion, Yuko starts crying and Maeda hugs her. Yuko apologises and Maeda forgives her, and the other girls all run in to join the hug. Apparently even the 4 useless guards and the bad guys are brought to tears.

Theres also the Minegishi Minami version of Flying Get, which, well:

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