Wednesday, 21 December 2011

AKBINGO 111221

The event this week is the AKB48 Fashion Collection Christmas SP. Sata's quick to question why Takamina's wearing her Banana Parka, which she protests is fashionable, it should be noted that the judge agreed with her the first time we saw it.

Speaking of the judge, he runs a fashion magazine as I understand, and they bring him in twice a year for these fashion shows. He rates the clothes as either 'Fashionable' (pink), 'Sort of Fashionable' (green), 'Sort of Unfashionable' (purple) and Unfashionable (brown)

The first event is to show what you would wear to impress your sempai at christmas dinner (as far as I can tell).

First up is Mariko-sama, who we're reminded last to entries were both rated as Fashionable. She comes in wearing a brown open jacket with a brown sweater underneath and a white shirt under that. Her skirt is a light brown with 4 layers of white fur at intervals up the skirt. She wears pink leggings with a heart on them, as well as high-leg boots with high heels on them, and finishes off with her 'Ue Kara Mariko Pose'. Personally I quite like it. When they discuss the clothes though Mariko reveals the shirts just a collar stuffed under the jumper. Amin apparently loves it, whilst Sasshi makes some witty comment. The judge rates it as Fashionable, proving Mariko to be the AKB Fashion Queen. He also points out how the colours work, as well as the skirt.

Next up is Kojiharunyannyan (if only I could fit 'Kojipa' in somehow), who's noted as having shown relative fashion competence in the past, with 2 'Fashionables' and 2 'Sort of Fashionables'. She has a white furry jacket, with a lace shirt underneath with a black skirt, tights, and black high heels with white toes and heels. She also has a cute, black riggon in her hair as well as heart earrings. She also has a handbag. She looks quite nice if you ask me (but don't do that, my fashion sense is appalling, plus thats what the guy judgings for). The judge rates it a Fashionable, and says the legs and the hadnbag work well. Akimoto raises some complaint I'm sure is related to one of these she did in the past, but the judge goes on to compliment her hair decs.

Next up is Tomo~mi, who it seems hasn't done this before (this kind of surprises me for some reason). She has a peach(?) coat, with a lace frilly top underneath, and a pink skirt. I like it. However apparently it's sort-of unfashionable, to a fair few surprised faces. Apprently the skirt and coat clash, which I can see now, as well as some issue with her legs.

We then get his chosen best of the 3, he selects Haruna. He then also says it's Mariko. Chiyuu~ complains, so he hands her the board with her category on it, but she still looks grumpy.

The second theme is somehing to do with a christmas date. We also get a reminder that several girls have gotten the worst ratings before, but told one will today get the Fashionable rating.

Up first is Miichan, who has consistently gotten Unfashionables in 3 previous attempts. Not really sure whats wrong with the second 2 though. Minegishi is wearing a black dress under a scarf, which has a hood on it. She also has a green patchwork bag, as well as knee-high blue socks and orange high heels. I can see problems with this, I won't lie. After demonstrating that she looks quite good without the scarf, she gets down on her knees to beg for an improved ranking. The judge has her put the bag down and take off the high heels. She looks much improved like that. However the judhe gives her an unfshionable, presumably on the original outfit. This causes her to fall to the ground. She then decides she's putting the high heels back on, as Takamina and Sashi tell her not to. However it's still Unfashionable (she looks gourgeous without anything she removed though). She puts on the scarf, but the judge explains the black clashes with the snow (I guess).

Up next is Yokoyama Yui (yay!!). I know she appeared before but I don't know the ranking. Yui walks on and OHMYGODSHESBEAUTIFUL. Oh wait thats all the time, never mind. She has a white jumper, a checked mini-skirt, long boots with heels and a red bag. I like it, but I can see things he'll likely pick on. She's rated as Sort of Unfashionable, which is either an improvement or the same but SHELOOKSWONDERFULDAMNIT. He has her try on Kojima's jacket, which makes her look better.

Up last is Sae. She's also appeared thrice beforehand with ratings of Unfashionable. Okaaaaaaayyyyyy then. Brown hooded jacket over red jumper with a face over white shirt which is also coming underneath the jumper. She's wearing Mickey ears fixed with the wizard hat from Fantasia. I don't know how to describe the pants. Theres apparently something noteworthy about her ring. She also has leopard print shoes. I don't see this doing well. It's rated Unfashionable. I'm guessing the thing earlier was asking if any of them will get a Fashionable rating earlier, not that they will.

AKB News next (damn cliffhangers). The first announcement is more news about Team A's Iwasa Misaki's upcoming solo debut, which will have an enka theme. We're also shown a sample of the PV for no3b's new single, Pedicure Day. The main song this week is SDN48's 4th and possible last single; Kudoki nagara Azabu Juuban duet with Mino Monta.

We then get the choice for best fashion out of the three of them. Sae attempts to win by jumping in front of him, but he chooses Yui (YAAY!!!). He then decides to name Sae's fashion as the worst. Next weeks more fashion.

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