Monday, 5 December 2011

SIC Hero Saga Speculation

It seems that the January 2012 issue of Hobby Japan has ended the latest in the SIC Hero Saga stories, so I'm going to speculate what the next story could be.

My assumption is, based on the recent/upcoming releases of Skyrider, Super-1 and ZX in the SIC line, that we'll have something to do with tha. So maybe either a two part story about each, or another story possibly up to 10 or 11 parts focusing on ZX similar to SPIRITS.

Alternatively maybe, since we'll have all but 3 main riders in SIC form at this point (I'm looking at you Shin) we could have soem awesome all rider romp.

I need to talk about SPIRITS some day.

Summaries of the existing sagas
Ichigo rescues Nigo from his existence as a Shocke Rider, they defeat the other 11.
Ichigo rides a bike.
Ichigo is created.
Riderman does some stuff with V3 and th W Riders (W Riders, not Rider W) wherein he loses his arm. The same arm I might add.
X fights Apollo Geist, King Dark and Dr. Noroi in a replica of Apollo Geist's body.
Amazon is born as Pre-Amazon, fights complet 10 Faced Demon.
BLACK RX fights with Another RX/Shadow Moon/Another Shadow Moon/Creation King.
ZO and J fight FOG powered Doras
Kuuga's origin in the past.
Agito fights a killer Agito.
An Unknown takes control of the G1 armour, other fight it.
Ryuki has split personalities.
Something involving Shinji being Ryuga and Ren being Odin.
Prelude to Paradise Lost
Blade attacks others. Not really Blade. Blade shows up to save day. Leaves again.
Retelling of Hibiki movie.
Kabuto and Gatack's fathers do something.
Den-O and co pursue Negataros to the day Kamen Rider was born, various characters appear from all over.
Kiva and co's origins fleshed out a little, Kiva-la appears in a retelling of the weddign scene.
Decade meets Real!Stronger and Tackle in the World of Stronger. Has a nasty twist in the second last chapter.
Shotaro Ishinomori becomes W with Phillip to fight his dead sister as Fuuto-Kun Dopant, and remembers how Kamen Rider Skull didn't save her in 1958. (I'm not going to explain this more.)

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