Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shukan AKB 111209

I don't know if I'll do another of these, as I had trouble in the past understanding what was going on. But it's not the girls who were on everything I've seen previously, and a different MC, so I guess this is recorded like AKBINGO

In the event for this week the aim seems to be for a group of girls to act out a scene, by first picking one of 5 envelopes (A, B, C, D or E) and asking the two men with props for the script of the title in the envelope, and go from there.

First up are Fujie, Moeno and Asuka, and Asuka chooses evelope A. I think the MC says there are 3 lines that can be used at a paticular point and they'll have to make it up from there. The scene begins with Asuka and Fujie together discussing a certain sempai of theirs, and how much they like him, but Asuka resolves to help Fujie confess to him rather than confessing herself. Fujie keeps on stumbling, but I can't tell if thats her forgetting lines or  part of her character's lack of confidence. Eventually the boy they've been discussing, portrayed by Moeno walks in, and Asuka encourages her to speak. A teacher coe sin briefly, before leaving, and Fujie gives her confession. However Moeno reveals that 'he' actually likes Asuka, causing Fujie to run off, Moeno stops Asuka following. They say a little more before hugging, and I can't help be suspicous of Asuka the way she's looking. I have to say I think Asuka gave the strongest performance, and not just because I like her more than Fujie, although given my uncertainty with whether or not Fujie was deliberately flubbing lines or not she might gain a few more points. They give a quick overview at the end, and point out how Fujie's nostrils were constantling flaring, which actually caused Moeno to stifle a laugh after the confession. Asuka's evil look at the end is also brought up.

The second cast has Asuka again, Shimuda, Ichikawa, Oota Aika and Yamauchi Suzuran. Right so Aika's the one who kinda looks like Amina got it. (This probably sounds odd, but before I worked out her name I called Kitahara 'not-Asuka' and I was either calling Ichikawa, Love-tan, Amina or all 3 of them 'not-Chise' as in Natsuki from Boukenger, and I haven't even watched that show yet.)
Anyway, Miori is sent to choose an envelope and picks C. We start in the classroom from the other scene, but now made up to look different. There is a chalk outline of a man on the gorund made of string. Aika, Ichikawa and Suzuran, a man and another of the girls but dressed up stand over it. The man is a detective, and calls over his partner 'Kura-san', but Asuka seems to be too busy playing the drums on Rockband, but evtually comes over. He's introduced to the girls nd the woman. The other detective starts listing details from the case. We learn that Shimuda (the woman) is either the victims wife, or the one who found him, and there was a message in the victims blood on the boards near the body. She starts to describe finding him before crying. She did it, I'm calling it now. Actually given the look Aika just gave the camera it's eiter her or she didn't realise the camera was pointing her way. Kura asks Shimuda to place some evidence (now bagged) where she found it. The maid it seems was in the kitchen when she heard something. The gardener was gardening. Ichikawa seems a little to enthusiastic for someone who's presumably the victims daughter, but then they all burst into tears. Kura steps away, and the lights dim as he gives his monologue of his deduction. One hint was the dying message. Kura then says it was the gardener (or is it his caddy for golf). Apparently the dying message says golf. She starts crying more, and Kura points out the golf clubs on the floor, which hven't been marked as evidence. Seems one of them had blood on it, and she confesses everything, while also drawing me to my initial conclusion that all the girls are the victim's daughters. She's then led away as far as I can tell, by invisible police officers. The others depart, and Kura delivers one final line.

For news we have stuff on Ue Kara Mariko, I guess HKT48 have launched their first stage, more on SDN's 4th single.

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