Thursday, 15 December 2011

Bimyo 12

Hade ni ikuze.

We start this week with a driving instructor (Takamina?) meeting his student (Akicha), after shaking hands he keeps hold of her hand for a moment. He tells her to get in the car, then immediately stops her. He gives some explanation which I think confuses her, and he keeps laughing at her answers. He again tells her to satart, but again stops her (seems to be massaging her hands), and then gives some complicated explantion involving Acchan and Yuko, and compares her to a Kenkyuusei. Stopping her from entering the car again, he practically hugs her,and then says something to do with Sayanee and Acchan, ending with waving at something offscreen.

Miori is a cricket? Looking for her mother, when Amina and Shimada, her sisters appear, the two older sisters get into an argument before Miori notices their mother. She's stuck to fly paper. Amina tries to help, but merely falls on the paper. Shimada, after some encouragent tries to use Amina as a steppign stone, but falls in as well. Miori goes to fetsh a rope, and carfully balances on her sisters, before failing to throw the mother the rope a few times. However, when she tries to pull the mother, she only pulls herself onto the paper. So we see the despair of this family, all doomed to die stuck to something, and it's all for comedy.

2 girls (sisters?) are sat on a sofa, not talking, when mother Amina comes in with a tray. One of them says something about the other, Sumire, and she delives a rousing one-woman performance until she notices the rose she's holding's but her. She apologises, and Aminasays something about love, causing another performance before she starts strangling herself and has to be shaken out of it by her sister. She apologises again, and takes a banana, and starts eating when a robber comes in with a knife.After demanding money or something, he reveals he can't afford to buy christmas presents, and Sumire gives a non-flowery impassioned plea. Amina returns with the money, but he's changed his mind, and is just thanking Sumire when he slips on the banana skin, accidentally stabbing Sumire with the knife, and she falls dead. We then cut to Sumire being offerd a banana, which she refuses because of what she's seen.

We're shown a guy with a beard, who smokes cigars, is apparently a hit with the ladies, and is Yui. He manages to get a women to take a cell phone picture with him just by being there, and then puts her hands toether, holding the table, before balancing a glass on her hands and filling it with beer, and then leaves her stuck like that. A drunk guy stumbles into him and apologises, but Yui forgives him, pats a sign i can only assume says kick me onto his back, and leaves him to puke on a wall. He then finds a woman passed out on the floor with beer cans around her, and balances 3 of them on her forehead. He walks off, and we see the woman woken up when she moves, the man still vomiting, and the first woman still stuck.

Myao and another girl are apologising to Amina for something to do with stage performance which seems to have gone badly wrong. She has a lot to say about it, but I'm not really sure what it is. Eventually she lets them demonstrate a trick, but all Myao does is cover Amina with the cloth she was using. She lets them demonstrate with a flag, and Myao hides her from our sight, and thn reveals her with an eye patched up. She walks off, annoyed.

Myao is a news reporter being led in by the director. She gives her introduction to the going ons, and is joined by a 76 year old Kitarie, who then calls over her(?) rather large pink rabbit, who semms rather keen for her to stop touching it. Eventually the rabbit has enough and punches her in the stomach several times before pushing her onto the ground. Kitarie still describes it as cute though as it walks off. She next calls over a raccoon, which demonstrates it's ability to swing a tennis racket. She enthusiastically hugs it, causing it to push her on the ground and start beating her with some straw. She still feels it's cute. Next up is a grey bear, which i swears being referred to by the same name it was when it was in sketch a few weeks back. She hugs it, eventually knocking them to the ground, and the helmet falls off. Yui (it's now officially the same bear from that sketch) then just knocks her over and starts punching her, and walks off angrily. She's still cute though. (Don't we know it ^^)

Over all a fun episode, I find it interesting the last two episodes have featured reappearances of things from previous episodes (Specifically Yui) and while Honmayan 2 was very much the sequel to the first one (I guess Honmayan King resurrected her), here it's more of a case of two seperate stories sharing a mostly background character.

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