Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bimyo 11

As far as I can tell the first scene was a photo shoot, with this guy in a suit, a photographer and what was in appearance a blue-haired vulcan. The vulcan has issues with the shoot I think, but still participates in the groups poses, despite complaining about it all the same. At the end two police come in, I think they said they were time police, but they arrest the guy in a suit, though they do one last pose as he's dragged away.

Sayaka is giving a motivational speech to a distraught, tears flowing everywhere team of girls. He tells them to go but they cry even more. He singles out Ichikawa, but get's no where, so he gives her a dope slap, before she moves. After the next girl's complaint he grabs round her waist, before another slap and being sent on. Whatevers bothering Moeno causes him to fall on the floor. He gives her more encouragement, but she stays stood there as he moves on. He hugs the next girl after listening, and tells her she's cute. Amina causes him to shout out of the room before sadly saluting, saying if you please. Sumire turns out to just be joining in, before he hits her out of annoyance, causing her to actually cry. The coach is now in despair himself, crying while crouched down.

Rabutan and another girl are together in one of their's bedroom. Seems they are doing their homework. The other girl while writing however decides to hit Rabutan with a ruler. They get back, but Rabutan almost immediately decides to hit her with soemthing.  Each time this happens the one being slapped has fallen asleep, and the other girl now has a fan. The other girls asleep, gets twanged by an elastic band Rabutan put one end of inside her mouth. I think the aims reall for them to stay awake the whole night. Rabutan sleeps again, so the other girl has what seems to be a metal container. I cna now confirm it was, in fact, a metal container. They then decide to just go to sleep, putting cushions on the table and resting their heads on them, then waht looks like an old tin bath talls from above on both of them.

Shizuka is scolding three students, aving them repeat what the aim of the school seesm to be, harmony. We then get a buddhist monk performing some form of prayer, while presumably parents watch and the girls and teacher s=kneel in front of him as he chants AKB48, but the 4 don't get into harmony.

A women is asking her doctor to be forward with her, but he keeps silent. Eventually he gives his response, whatever the problem is, is somewhat surprising, seems serious. He gets a hot dog from the microwave and some hot sauce, when the womens daughter, the one they're discussing, Miori walks in. She asks her mother something, before noticing the hot dog and asking if it's for her. The mother tries to stop her eating but she takes it and eats it quickly. She then goes hyper, causing the mother panic, the doctor remains calm. She then grabs something from a cupboard, deciding to drink it*. She takes a sip before spilling it  out of her mouth. The doctor explains something, and then tells Miori she must never drink strange liquids. She leaves, and he's glad it worked, just as Miori's voice comes from offset.

A gut calls in a group who look like from memory a group who appeared on soem sports special event with AKB and SCANDAL. The aim seems to be to demonstate some form of skill, Sae seems to be squeezing a grapefruit for it's juice. Kitahara demonstrates her skill at filling two bowls of salad, even going back to the first one to add a couple of tomatoes. The other two come up together, and demonstrate their aility to squeeze lemons.

You know how yestersday I said I was going to cover my two favorite Yui Bimyo scenes, but forgot one of them. I just remembered. While the scene I covered was from the first episode of Bimyo I saw, this was the first scene I saw. An unconvincing monster goes 'gyao' at two girls, and they beg for soemone to save them, prompting Yui to show up as Honmayan. While human sized and apparently wearing Ichigo's belt, the abilities seem to be like Ultraman. The girls say there's a suspicious figure, but Homayan initially thinks they're just messing with her, before turning round to say 'honmaya' or 'It's true'. They then try to convince her to use her Honmayan beam, which she also thinks is a trick unti she uses it, again saying 'honmaya'. A light starts going off, like the Clour Timer, and they explain she'll die if it goes off, but she's not convincedn leading to her last word of 'honmaya'.

The reason I mentioned that is it looks like this seen is a sequel. From the first second anyway. Two slightly more convincing monsters scare two girls (Amina and Takajo). Yui's voice comes from off screen, and the elevator comes slowly up with, Honmayan exits the lift, closes it and delivers her inenthusiastic introduction. They ask for help from the kaijin, but naturally she doesn't believe they're there, despite looking at thme sheer moments ago (I'll forgive). She turns, to give her 'honmaya'. They ask her to summon Honmaya Blue, who she is naturally sceptical to existing. She relents, calling her. I think the girl playing her's named Miyu. She gives her introduction, and comes over. Surprisingly Blue just suggests they fight the monsters with out needing convincing, but Honmaya isn't convinced the technique mentioned exists, and while deciding to try Blue is grabbed by the monsters, and the dinosaur uses an attack, seemingly killing her. She then contemplates if the Honmaya Thunderbolt suggested exists, but uses it, shocking the monsters and Blue. The light goes off again, but she fails to be convinced she'll die (again), and delives on last 'Honmaya'.

Well thats this weeks Bimyo then.

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