Monday, 5 December 2011

Best Hit Song Festival 2011

I'll get into why I'm watching, let alone reviewing this momentarily. It seems this is an annual event where some of the best selling songs of the year are performed by their artists.

It's been interesting to watch, though where I am I haven't finished yet, but I thought I'd summarise Throughout the show we've had some look backs at some of the best acts they've had in the past, most notable to me being YMCA in japanese (well YMCA was said in english, but the rest of it was japanese)

Before the people we care about we've had performances by EXILE (who I have heard of actually, AKB performed on their show once), as well as various others, including this adorable little girl who's backup dancers were all twice her height, she also did a duet with this little boy via video feed (he's also a big deal I guess) he was with a lot of kids in a pkayground. I can't remember much else to well, these were more notable.

NMB48 came on and were performing a song of theirs, I don;t know which, I'm guessing it was Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo. At the end they all knelt down, and darkness covered them. The NMB48 name behind them had the N fly forward, then back as an A. The M did the same to become a K and the B became a B. We started with Flying Get, with Maeda, Yuko and Yukirin appearing atop some stairs before coming down, and joining with the other members (I don't think the Matsui's were there). They then sang Kaze wa Fuiteru as well. Then the music for Everyday, Kachusa started, and they ran onto the catwalk in the middle of the crowd, before RIPPING OFF THE BLUE DRESSES THEY WERE WEARING. No they weren't just in their underwear you pervs, they had white outfits on underneath, if you want to see that download an issue of Young Jump. NMB appeared as well providing back-up dancing in effect.

After this we had KARA, who I guess have also had a good year. We get various acts, including Kinki Kids. And thats about it.

So why am I watching this. Because Smilodon sent me the wrong link, hopefully I can watch what I wanted to soon.

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