Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle 111218

This pretty blatantly follows last episode, which makes sense, they probably can't find the time weekly to record this, so they do two at once.

As the MC announces some new round 3 of them celbrate while Yuko is too busy adjusting her hair in the mirror. After Kitarie makes some nose related joke she gets up and moves back for reasons I'm not terribly clear on, she then comes back. After a while she pulls an odd face. A bit later the MC says something causing 3 of them to pose and Kitarie to go offline. Yuko's brought some food, and she brings the girl (looks quite young, yet she's 25) up to the camera, and then lets her listen in. However I'm now just going to tell you that Yui's waving to the camera to show what she's eating. The MC notices eventually and brings it up, Yui then starts eating and the girl leaves. Yuko's food is some cute sushi (look at it, just look).

Sasshi does some mirror adjustments, and makes her eye look huge. The quiz we've finally gotten to is about the girl, Chizo. Yui and Sasshi both offer answers, Yui's is wrong, but Yuko lets her answer again to Sasshi's annoyance, but the second answer is also wrong. After a hint is offered all 3 of them are all excitedly trying to give an answer, though I think the MC's doing it in jest. Chizo lets Sasshi have a go but it's close, another hint returns to the excited offerings, Yui gets to give the right answer. After a bit more talk Chizo goes to carry on working.

They call Kitarie back in, She tries to call over a cat but it ignores her. A woman hands her another though, but she doesn't seem to happy with this one. She's handed another one which runs away, causing Yuko to laugh as she's eating. She's given another she declares as the ultimate, which stays put and momentarily looks at the camera, and Yui describes it as cute, therefore making it the 2nd cutest thing in existence. The cat gets bored and runs off.

The next event get's called, and the MC has the others get as far away from the cameras as possible. It seems to be a variation of 'what's the time mr. wolf?'. When he first turns to look at them Kitarie doesn't seem to notice for a bit. They then have to do some action while he looks at them. The next attempt get everyone significantly closer, and whatever it is they're doing I'm guessing Sasshi's is funniest. While he's having them individually do things a cat attacks Kitarie's laptop, buy Yui gets the biggest laughs. The next round has Yui furthest from her screen, and Sasshi takes a while to make the obligatory pose. The next one has them all nearly at the seats when they have to imitate Michael Jackson (why can't we get their music over here, seriously?). Yui's briefly declared out until he realises she's doing Thriller. The next thing has Yui and Kitarie already sat down, while Yuko actually get's further away to do her thing, but gets made out. The next on gets Yui out.

We get another playing of Pera Pera Perao (I kind of hope they one week have to perform it themselves live over skype. Next weeks gonna be a christmas based according to the preview, but given they filmed this on like the 10th the girls may feel a little silly in those clothes.

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