Friday, 2 December 2011

Bimyo 10

I would first like to point out that last week’s Momotarou sketch was all SKE members, Jurina was Momotarou.
First scene: Girl’s alarm goes off; she gets out of bed, walks over to the mirror, and sees Itano Tomomi staring back at her. She’s not Tomomi. She’s surprised but Tomomi is mirroring her exactly (well mostly, she’s actually doing it slightly after her but oh well). However it does look like it may just be the fact that there isn’t a mirror there, and Tomomi just has a room that exactly mirrors the other girls, and also wears the same pyjamas, especially about 2 minutes in. Hiowever the mimicry extends to balancing a pillow and leaving the room to get a golf club, but when their swinging, Tommi actually does so, but the girl dismisses it, before both leave the room. Coming back in, Tomomi’s doesn’t close quite right. They then do the dance to Heavy Rotation, and Tomomi momentarily goes the wrong way, correcting herself, the girl dismisses this too, but Tomomi also finishes differently, causing her to cry out.  They leave again, coming in with makeup and smear it all over their faces, before the girl remembers something. This time they have bald heads on. After walking past the mirror, Itano returns and takes off the helmet, saying Bimyo.
Lady DaDa starts with a man with a ridiculous mustache warning another man about something, possibly a deal, when Lady DaDa (Sayaka) comes in with a bit of English, and the two introduce themselves. DaDa’s accompanied by Miori, who seems to be an assistant. DaDa is told who they are, and she’s given a present by the two. It turns out to be a kaleidoscope, which she seems appreciative of, until they mention Pink, causing her to fall on the floor (do they mean the colour or the singer). Something else is said and she picks herself up and apologises. They ask for an interview, and she agrees, however she says the microphone isn’t cute enough (why am I telling you this, you can tell for yourself), I think she wants it coloured like the stuffed tiger. She then halts the interview and refuses to say anything more while going back to the floor, then throwing flowers. She calms a little, and they offer her sushi, which she apparently likes. She starts coughing, gets annoyed, throws away the last flower and head butts Miori, before pulling all the clothes off the hangers, falls crying, and complains about one ingredient of the sushi.
We have a rock, sitting alone and looking sad, as a woman walks by with her dog, before her friend, also with a dog spots her and they greet each other, there’s also another dog. We then go into the dogs perspective, and it seems one has found the other quite attractive, but is rejected. Going back to the main view, the women are talking about the dogs; the other dog is sat next to the rock. In their perspective though, the male dog continues to make his sweet moves. After more of the women talking, the male continues to pursue. The male’s owner notices the time; they have the dogs say bye, the male attempting to perform the traditional dog greeting as they pass.
It’s a birthday party, but Shizuka seems more annoyed than anything, whatever she says to Chiyuu leading her to grab her chest, before Shizuka complains about her sexiness. Mayuyu is apparently writing Oya on the card to much, or maybe just too much detail. She also takes issue with Rabutan’s birthday cake, which has collapsed. She also doesn’t approve of Sumire’s present, a tutu thing with a swan neck coming out the crotch, apparently for a fun run. After she leaves however, they just start laughing about her.
Asuka and Rabutan are hosting some kind of sport event, and welcome on stage some star striker or similar. After talking about her, a woman just comes up with a glass of juice, and she’s asked to drink it. It doesn’t taste good, but she still half-heartedly shows her shooting kick. After her is Moeno, who apparently does a good sliding tackle. Wasabi is brought for her, which she forces into her mouth, but it also seems isn’t up to much, demonstrated by her squealing. But she does her tackle. It looked kind of painful if I’m honest. The next girl is brought something bready, which she can’t seem to chew, but she does her dribbling. The last one is brought up, but they say barely anything before sending her off.
A sumo match is about to begin, the one in the gold (Miori’s the opponent) dominating the first match. He’s brought up with the two watching, and mentions liking Acchan. The man in the suit seems off put by this. He then supports Yukirin instead, he likes her wink. After another comment he goes for Sayaka, and then for Kasai. The man demonstrates what he feels the sumo should be saying.

As an aside I now  have twitter, and I'm fairly certain the Mariko, Kojiharunyan, Myao and Sumire I'm following are the real ones, but the Mayu is a fan page, I'm also following JKT48 because (I'm not convinced they're official though.

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