Wednesday, 7 December 2011

AKBINGO 110209 and 110216

This is part of the Yui birthday celebration, as I learnt today (Wednesday locally) that I actually first saw Yui in this, before I knew she existed.

Danso events are where the girls dress up as boys and perform scenes to appeal to the 20 members watching, who will then vote for the favorite. Kasai and Amina, who were very excited by the performances.

Miyazawa goes first. Yuko is a schoolgirl being harassed by invisible biker thugs when Sae enters as a cool biker. 'He' scares them off, and both the removing suglasses and cracking her neck causes major squeals. The two have some banter, before he turns to leave, Yuko stops him to say thank you, he then takes hold of her chin and comments on how cute she is from that angle. They then ride off on an invisble bike. The scene gets a good score of 17, it seems Kasai likes it so much she's embarressed, but Amina offers her opinion on making it better.

Mayu is up next. Myao is a girl in hospital, and Mayu, her handsome young doctor comes to tell her she's doing well, but Myao isn't convinced she'll get better, before joking a kiss will help her. To her surprise he grabs her shoulders, and uses some magical words. The scene caused Shizuka to cry because Mayu's character doesn't exist, but Mayu offers her some comforting words, increasing the tears. The scene earns 18 votes. The scene has given Kasai a completely different view of Mayu as well.

Next up is Maeda Ami. Tomochin is a princess (I wish I had subs right now, they used to be up for this) and calls her butler. Ami comes on to a big reaction from Kasai and Amina. Itano wants to do something, but anything she suggests is forbidden by her father, as Ami reminds her. She asks why he's always like this, and Ami gets down on one knee to say he will always prtect her. The girls look a little shcoked at the end. Amina gives her thoughts, and when Kasai is asked her opinion she can initially only give the OK sign, before giving her opinion. ultimately though she only gets 11 points.

Finally for the first episode is Sayaka. So this seems to be Segoku period, Kitahara is lonely at home, when her husband, a warlord returns home. She gives him sake. After a small argument she says it seems he just wants to fight all the time, but he says it's because he needs to protect her. However Sayaka ruins the end with this battle cry, which wasn't scripted and was apparently due to her being nervous. This probably contributed to the score of 9.

The winner is of course Mayu at the end.

No, I'm not doing AKB NEWS for this, it aired 10 months again. OK then, lets have a laugh. We have the PV for Sakura no Ki ni Kaoru, though this was back when we didn't have 4 PVs in a row.

And now we go straight into the second part.

Takahashi up first. Tomochin doesn't feel like going to school on that day, and Takahashi, who seems to be an old friend of hers. He tries to encourage her to go to school, but she refuses, and he does, well, just watch it. She stops him, and asks why he has to be like that, and he says something about always supporting her or something. Tomomi points out Takahashi's nostril flaring after, and Takahashi's forced to reveal she's wearing shoes with high heels to give herself height when she's the shorter by 8cm. The scores are now out of 18, but only come to 10 , giving her effectively the same score as Ami. Soemone points out they don't like the headband, and when she removes it there is a score of cheers, she then undoes the top button, proving she should have goen for a different look, as now far more say they'd vote if she looked like that.

Up next is the girl we're all here for, Yui (We are all here for her, right?). Yuko is at home, alone, sewing something, when a voice declares Yui is home. She's in a korean military uniform, and I'd defect for that. Not that either government would care much about me. Anyway, he apologises for being gone so long, and even offers her a present in the form of a locket. She thinks he cares more about fighting than her, but he says he fights for her. If you'd been watching this you'd know that Amina had been covering her mouth for most of this, and Sata asks why. She manages to get out how handsome Yui looks and how she has a thing for militairy uniforms. Sata has Yui salute her, and she just dies in effect. The final score is 13.

Next up is Sashihara. Myao is at a hairdressers, and asks for Sashihara. Rino comes on as a stylish hairdresser, and a trilby, and believe me when I say I'd hit that. Miho asks for her hair to be cut a certain way, and Rino asks whats wrong with it as it is, and the special words are about how Miho's hair is the most beautiful in the world (maybe). She gets 16 points.

Finally we have Kojiharu. Kitahara seems excited about a performance, only for the centreof the act to come nearby. She apologises nervously and tries to leave, but he grabs her arm. Eventually he offers her a backstage tour it seems. I don;t think the girls liked Harunyan's dress sense. In the end she gets 5 points. Among the ones who voted are Miori and the two NMB girls who's names if I'm lucky I'll have learnt by easter. The winner is Sashi.

We then get a Phrasemuseum scene (How I miss you). I think the topic is something you'd say when giving a confession to your crush. Yukirin goes first, and Kiyoto makes some comment on it. Opposite her is Sae. Kiyoto chooses Sae's phrase, and so paints some yellow spots on Yuki's face.

We then get the stage performance of Sakura no Ki ni Kaoru, but with Yui as centre. Turns out the week after we had the Burger Shop Battle. Speaking of which...

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