Thursday, 22 December 2011


Moshi Koko Yakyu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no "Management" o Yondara is a bestselling novel by Iwasaki Natsumi, published in december 2009, and involves it's lead character Kawashima Minami managing a baseball team using tips from Peter Drucker's Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices,

This thing has been a pretty big deal. A manga adaptation has been serialized since january 2011, a 10 episode anime ran between  25th April 2011 and 6th May 2011, and there's the movie adaptation, released in cinemas on June 4th. It's because of this movie Maeda Atsuko got her solo debut with Flower, and Everyday, Katyusha is part of the soundtrack.

The film stars Meada Atsuko as the lead character, and also stars Minegishi Minami, Seto Koji from D-BOYS, and several other's some of whom are no doubt quite notable. Every member of the baseball team, plus it's management gets some time to shine in this, and it's quite good. So below is my summary.

Watch it yourself, I couldn't do it justice if I did understand it perfectly.  Oh and thanks to Smilodon for posting this earlier on his blog.

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